My Top favourite Foundation for women’s over 50.

So, to all my ladies over 50 this is a list of some of the best foundation for mature skin. I do believe that when it comes to foundations there should be variety and range no two are the same; you might want one for everyday use where in another situation you may need something with more coverage on those days where you’re feeling like wearing makeup.

Yes, the time we spend picking out makeup can be daunting, and for some people it might seem like a waste of their precious free time. But the truth is that when you find your perfect foundation match-up, there's nothing quite as satisfying! Whether or not you're an expert in beauty products (I know I'm not!), finding the right shade to suit your skin tone can take up hours of valuable spare minutes each day. There are so many foundations offered at affordable prices these days; from liquid to powder formulas--it doesn't matter what type suits our needs best because they all have something special about them!

The foundation market has expanded and become more diverse since the beginning of this century. Estee Lauder, YSL, Sephora - these brands have high-end products that can be costly but are worth it for their quality and longevity. But now affordable options exist too from drugstore favorites like Revlon to luxury lines such as Lancôme with varied levels of bougie-ness (aka how much you're willing to spend). So, if people ask me what type they should buy my answer would depend on whether they want a higher price point in order to get the best possible results, all while still maintaining affordability so everyone is happy!


The first product which goes by name Double Wear has been around since 1989 giving women an amazing option if wanting full coverage whether its daytime or nighttime wear while still looking natural due to being oil free yet moisture.